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The Association Makes The Standard

31st January 2014

The Association has commissioned the making of an Association Standard (design pictured right)

Currently in the process of being made the Standard will be with us in the next few days.

The Association Secretary (Nigel Clark) has coordinated the design and production of the Standard over the past couple of months.

The Standard has been funded from Association and Regimental funds on a 50%/50% basis. The project has had the full support of the CO (Lt Col Simon Stockley OBE RE), for which the Association is very grateful.

It is planned that "The Standard" will be formally presented to the Association at an event to be held on Friday 6th June, in the Wimbish area.

Once in service the Standard will be used as an aide to identify and represent the Regiment/Regimental Association at Events,
Act's of Remembrance, Parades, Funerals and such like.

We are now seeking a couple of Association members to train as standard bearers, with smart turnout and bearing to carry and present the standard at such events.

Please e-mail if you wish to volunteer.

Keep a close look on the events page for the latest information on the presentation event.