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Regimental History - The Future

Bots, Drones, Dirty Bombs, and 101 in Future Force/Army 2020

EOD, along with Special Forces, and the Joint Helicopter Force are among the few areas that have maintained or expanded over the series of defence cuts spanning recent decades. It is known that as we withdraw from Afganistan that 21 Fd Sqn (EOD) will be disbanded. It will however be replaced by attaching an existing RLC EOD unit within the RE EOD Regt. Every day weapons are built, layed, dropped and deployed. It is important to note that along with high explosive IEDs the Regiment also maintains it's capability to deal with Nuclear, Chemical and Bacteriological conventional munitions and improvised device threats. We are acknowledged as a leading global authority in EOD counter threat development, and as such have very much a future role to play. The threat continues to evolve and mature, and as it does, the RE EOD Regiments continue to adapt their procedures, equipment and counter-measures to save life, prevent serious injury and render dangerous areas safe.

The Army is transforming by 2020 to be essentially restructured into two core forces; 'Reaction Forces' and 'Adaptable Forces' these in turn are supported by 'Force Troops' to the two core Forces. The Engineers and specifically the EOD Engineer Regiments are to form part of the flexible 'Force Troops' element. The 'Reaction Forces' include the Air Assualt Brigade, Commando Brigade, and a Lead Armoured Battle Group available for rapid operational deployment anywhere in the world. The 'Adaptable Forces' are tasked with sustainability and stablisation roles post 'Reaction Force' deployment. It is envisaged that 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) will support the 'Reaction Forces' and 101 Engineer Regiment (EOD) will support the 'Adaptable Forces'.
As a result of OP Herrick EOD deveopments in support of Afganistan it is envisaged that the 'Talisman Troop' concept for route enablement and IED search and destroy missions will be retained and further developed. It is thought that 101 and 33 Engineer Regiments will each operate four enhanced Talisman Troops.
Talisman currently comprises 5 key equipment elements: Buffalo clearance vehicle, Mastiff 2 command and control 'Protected Eyes', T-Hawk micro UAV system, Talon robotic vehicle and a High Mobility Engineer Excavator.
It is probable that Talisman will be enhanced further in the near future with one or two 'Terrier' vehicles, and a 'Husky' vehicle equipped with ground penetratiing radar