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101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment
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Regimental History - 1988 to Date


5th June 1988 - 101 (City of London) Engineer Regt (EOD) (V) reformed.
1st March 1993 - The Regiments Squadrons rename and adopt original 101 Engr Regt Squadron 2** series titles.

1st July 1999 - Strategic Defence Review: 220 absorbed into 217 and 222 renames back to 579.

24th March 2010 - Regiment becomes hybrid (Regular and Volunteer). The (V) is dropped from the Regimental title.

2001-Date - On EOD rotation Op Herrick Afganistan.

9th June 2003 - Volunteer members of the Regt form 4 Troop, 49 Sqdn, 33 Engr Regt (EOD) for Iraq.

2001-Date - On EOD rotation Op Herrick Afganistan


5th June 1988 - The Regiment is reborn from the Volunteer EOD Squadrons serving with 33 Engineer Regt (EOD) which was a hybrid Regiment at the time. The (V) Squadrons transferred being 579, 583, 590 and 591. A new RHQ (V) was established at this time. 1st March 1993 - The 5** Series Squadrons rename 579 to 222, 583 became a 222 Troop, 590 to 221, 591 to 220 and 873 (ML) Sqn disbands into 220.
1st July 1999 - 222 Renames back to 579 and moves base from Dartford to Tunbridge. 220 Disbanded and absorbed into 217 and 579 Squadrons.
9th June 2003 - Volunteer Members of the Regiment form 4 Troop, 49 Sqdn, 33 Engr Regt (EOD) for deployment to Iraq.

24th March 2010 - RE EOD Regiments go Hybrid again: 223 RHQ Support Sqn (EOD)(V), replaced by 22 HQ and Support Sqn (EOD). 17 Fd Sqd (EOD) and 21 Fd Sqn join the Regiment. 217 Fd Sqn (EOD) (V) moves to 33 Engr Regt (EOD).

This leaves 101 (City of London) Engr Regt (EOD) today with 3 Regular and 2 Volunteer Sqns. The RHQ and regular component Sqns are based at Carver Barracks, Wimbish, Essex, co-located with the majority of the 33 Engr Regt (EOD) RHQ and Sqns. 579 is based at Tunbridge Wells, with sub troops at Brighton and Reigate. 221 is based at Catford and Rochester.